Why Roelofs Capital Group?


Why Roelofs Capital Group?  Because we are nimble enough to be personal, yet our team works with an organization large enough to serve the needs of any client.


We provide many ways to contact us, from email to cell phone, but you should rarely need to use them.  We reach out to each of our clients every month to give an update on accounts, financial plans, and the economy as a whole.  Our time is spent on our clients.  If you need us to answer a question or come to your house for a review, we'll be there.

Roelofs Capital Group



Why Roelofs Capital Group? Because in the face of the unmeasurable uncertainty of capital markets, we are supremely humble.  However, we are supremely confident.

In order to achieve success in a challenging marketplace, we realize the importance of having enormous respect for the complexity of the global economy and the obstacles encountered.


We strive to research more, contribute tremendous effort, and we truly care about the outcomes we produce.


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Why Choose Roelofs Capital Group?



We diligently track our performance for our clients. Additionally, we are completely transparent. Year to year, we take an honest, non-biased view of what we anticipated would happen in the global economy and how well those theories worked in the context of our client's financial plan. 


When market volatility flares up, we run towards the fire, not away from it.  We increase our outbound calls and advisor availability.  We know the incredible importance of being a steady force in the face of the unknown.