small business consulting services

Small Business Owner

Roelofs Capital Group specializes in helping Small Business Owners make tough financial decisions.  We have identified five separate phases in the life of a business owner, with which we can help.

Do you have a tough financial decision in your business?  Let us help.

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Should I expand?

How do we find the right people?

Should I borrow money from the bank?

What are the pros & cons of bringing on investors?

What is the cost of equity?




What should my day-to-day look like?

Can I take some time off?

How much control should I give up?

Can I take off a month of work and have the business grow? 3 months? 6 months?





Who will continue my legacy?

Should family take over the business?

What about my kids not working in the business?

What's the business worth?

Should I sell to a third party?  A competitor?

Should I give the business to my employees?  

How would they pay for it?




Do I have the right plan to make my money last?

Should I take the same amount of risk as I did as a business owner?

How is taking money out different from putting money in?

Are taxes going to be significantly different without the business deductions?

What am I going to pay for advice?

Private Investment

How much of my wealth should be in publicly traded stocks and bonds?

Should I invest some money in real estate?  What type?

What's the risk in buying in as an equity investor in a private business?

Should I have an equity stake in a business or should I invest as a limited partner?