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Real Wealth Management

While investors at all levels of net worth may need assistance with managing their investments, there are some things that only affect the wealthy investor. Unfortunately, the term Wealth Management has turned into a marketing ploy for Investment Management. They are not the same.

Wealth management goes far beyond simply investing in stocks and bonds. We are specifically trained to help our clients preserve ALL of the assets they have worked so hard to accumulate -- including, but not limited to real estate, business interests, and collectables.

Areas of Interest for the Wealthy Investor:

According to a January 2014 survey of 2,164 millionaires by LeggMason, an investment management firm, cash accounts for 25% of the average asset allocation for investors with over $1 million in portfolio investments.  Of the remaining assets, 22% goes to equities, 20% goes to bonds, 19% goes into real estate and 14% into non-traditional and other investments.

Allocation of Net Worth of $1 million and above

Cash, Real Estate, & Private Interests

Publicly Traded Stocks and Bonds

Total Net Worth

Asset allocation statistics are presented only as examples and are not intended as investment advice. Please consult your financial advisor if you have questions about these examples and how they relate to your own financial situation.


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