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Our analysis is not just based on local real estate data. We also carefully consider how local real estate markets are influenced by broader economic factors. Unlike real estate trade associations, Roelofs Capital Group does not have an incentive to simply paint a rosy picture of the real estate market. We have an incentive to paint an accurate one.




Raymond James Real Estate Research



The Raymond James Real Estate research team covers approximately 110 companies in North America, Europe, and Latin America, including REITs focused on the healthcare, hotels, office/industrial, residential, retail/net lease, self storage, shopping center, and timber sectors, and select housing and lodging companies.  In addition to the usual periodic company-specific research, the real estate team offers clients access to a variety of comprehensive quarterly and annual industry overviews that detail both recent significant events and the prospects for the industry, plus the companies within it.    


Real Estate Investors

Real Estate Portfolio


Our research takes into consideration Macro and Micro Economics from Top Economists around the country.  We then turn to Raymond James Research Analysts that specialize in the Real Estate industry. Finally, we review your real estate portfolio.  Your real estate investments are unique to you and deserves rigorous statistical analysis provided by professionals.

Macro Economics

Real Estate Industry Analysis

Real Estate is one of the most important investments in most American's lives.  Here in Arizona, it is a way of life.  When dealing with professional real estate investors, you need a professional on your side. 

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REITs are financial vehicles that pool investors' capital to purchase of finance real estate. REITs involve risks such as refinancing, economic conditions in the real estate industry, changes in property values and dependency on real estate management.

*Real estate valuations and appraisal services are not offered by Raymond James or Roelofs Capital Group.  You should discuss real estate valuation and appraisal matters with an appropriate professional.