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Targeted Wealth Management for Commercial Real Estate Professionals provided by the team at

Roelofs Capital Group


A Provider of Real Wealth Management, Real Estate Analysis, and Small Business Services for Professionals in the Commercial Real Estate Industry.  Dedicated to a True Financial Partnership by understanding the specific needs of commercial real estate.

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Scott Roelofs, CFA
Scott Roelofs, CFA

Owner, RCG Branch Manager, RJFS

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About our logo

Lessons learned from history provide the key to our future
actions. The tulip in our logo, a symbol of our Dutch roots, is also a reminder of the first boom and bust in economic history – the Dutch tulip mania of the 1600s. At the height of the tulip futures market, rare bulbs were selling for the price of a large house. This lesson in unsustainable trade and others like it provide invaluable insight into today’s financial markets.